Multiple #5 – Manifesto

Multiple #5 – Manifesto

by Rumiko Hagiwara and Bea McMahon 

Multiple Choice make multiples that fit perfectly into an A4 sized cardboard box.
Multiple Choice is making a manifesto.
Multiple Choice is making a font with which to write the manifesto.
Multiple Choice refer to themselves with the pronoun “I” and also their font is made up with only the letter “I”.
When “I” inhale it is with the sound of “I” in Japanese meaning love, and when I exhale there is a sensation of the green hue of a yew tree.*

*Letters in the Irish alphabet correspond to tree species and “I” is Ioga which is the lovely yew tree.

Multiple Choice is

I am Manifesto.

Pick one! (all the “I”s are for sale)

* All the “I”s will be enclosed in the A4 sized box with the certificate of authenticity.  

Price List