Multiple Choice is an artist initiative, meant to be in constant flux, always changing its function. Multiple Choice has been primarily focused on producing multiples that fit perfectly into an A4 sized cardboard box. In 2015, since being founded by Rumiko Hagiwara, Dina Danish and Jean-Baptiste Maitre, currently co-directed by Rumiko Hagiwara, Dina Danish and Bea Mc Mahon, multiples have been made by both Multiple Choice as well as by other artists that we commission.

Since 2020 Multiple Choice acquired Dina from Egypt. Dina from Egypt is a lip-synching band that always performs its latest hit. Its model, which is based on a franchise, strives to achieve maximum celebrity with minimum effort. Its core members write the lyrics; record, arrange and produce songs and the performances are choreographed and lip-synched to the prerecorded tracks.
More recent hits have been accompanied by a pop video. Since being founded in 2014 by Dina Danish and Bea McMahon, Dina from Egypt has involved many producers and performers, and has appeared at various venues.