Multiple #5 Manifesto – Paper Outline(Sold Out!)


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Artist: Bea McMahon and Rumiko Hagiwara

Title of the Work:  Manifesto – Paper Outline

Year of origin: 2021

Number of edition: unique in a series

Object of this certificate is the above-mentioned work. It has the following characteristics:
1. Kind of work:  Inflatable object
2. Medium:        Inflatable object: craft paper, paper tape, acrylic tape, computer fan with power adapter(12v 500mA)

                Certificate: laminated inkjet on paper                

    Box: ink on cardboard

3. Installation requirements: to be inflated

4. Dimensions:     Inflatable object: approximate 194 high x 100 cm wide, to differ depending on the space condition

                Certificate: 14.8 x 21 cm              

                Box: 22.5 x 34 x 11 (width, length, depth)     

5. Number of parts: Three parts

6. Date of production: 2020

7. Short description:

This is a unique inflatable object along with a certificate. With the integrated computer fan and its power adapter, the object inflates to depict a letter of “i” with which Multiple Choice write its manifesto. You are invited to inflate the unique letter out of the box.

8. The works consists of the following:

a. Inflatable object

b. Certificate

c. Box